Jeff Kahle is state certified, an associate member of The Appraisal Institute, and is accepted and qualified to appraise all over the country.

The George Kahle Group employs the use of multidisciplinary valuation teams to assess certain industrial and special purpose properties. The study of product markets, process obsolescence, future trends, and more are all important in evaluating multi-faceted special purpose facilities, not just Real and Personal Property. Continual advances in the development of national and international database systems make the accumulation and/or exchange of data practical and affordable.

Our aggressive approach and analysis utilizes the latest technology and data gathering techniques that will save clients time and money, while producing what we consider is superior results. Our capabilities are not limited to local and regional properties, but national and international properties as well. Likewise, these capabilities are not limited to processing facilities but also include raw land and all types of real estate, special purpose properties, specialized equipment, underwater valuation and lease rights, etc. Experts used as consultants may be limited or significant contributors, or fellow signers in the report, at the client’s discretion or requirement. The George Kahle Group is responsible for all contents.


If we can be of service to you for any feasibility/appraisal question that you may need to address, we have a vast range of expertise.
Our experience includes the following:

Sales/purchase of plants or units (skid mounted to permanent)

Property/unit/process obsolescence

Valuation of leasing equipment, units, processes, including leasehold and leased fee interests

Partial interests

Undivided interests

Litigation support

Feasibility analysis

Market analysis


Insurance purposes

Cost replacement/ reproduction , etc.

Our multidisciplinary consultants include, but are not limited to: Engineers (Chem. E’s, M.E.’s, Aerospace E’s, I.E.’s, Const. E’s, P.E.’s, etc.), Contractors, CPA’s, Attorneys, Professors, MBA’s, MAI’s, ASA’s, PhD's, Entrepreneurs, Sales and Property Professionals, etc.


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